Dinner/Event Client Assessment

    Chef Aline Steiner

    Contact Information

    Event Dates

    General Questions pertaining to your health and food habits

    Is anyone diabetic, hypoglycemic/Hyperglycemic, has high blood pressure or high cholesterol?

    Does Anyone have any other medical condition or situations that need to be taken in consideration in menu planning; eg; pregnancy or restricted diet?

    Are there any known food allergies, food intolerance or sensitivity?

    Is Anyone Vegetarian?

    Please specify name and type below
    Pescatarian (no meats but will eat fish)Flexitarian/Semi-Vegetarian (mostly vegetarian but occasional meat)Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian (no meat, fish or shellfish but will eat dairy and eggs)Lacto-Vegetarian (no meat, shellfish, fish or eggs but will eat dairy)Ovo-Vegetarian (no meat, shellfish, fish or dairy but will eat eggs

    Any other special diet? ei: low fat, low carb, etc.?

    Do you prefer fine Dining or everyday, homestyle food?
    Fine DiningHomestyle CookingBoth

    What foods does your party most dislike?

    Any dislikes in herbs or spices ei; cilantro, curry, pepper etc....

    Any dislikes in staples ingredients ei; onions, garlic, sesame etc....

    May I use wines or liquor in the preparation of certain dishes?

    Do you generally prefer organic produce, dairy or meats when available or regular?

    What are some staples you like, or favorites foods?

    Please check the types of cuisines you enjoy

    Would you like a dessert after each meal or just dinner?
    each mealjust dinner

    What are some of your favorite desserts?
    Ice CreamSorbetsCakesFresh FruitsCheese PlatterChocolatesCookies brownies etcPiesTartsCobblersComposed dessertsSmall bitesOther

    Would you enjoy pre-dinner appetizers or hors d’oeuvres served at cocktail hour?

    How Many times a week do you enjoy the following?

    Please choose all types of meats and poultry that you enjoy
    BeefVealLambBisonPorkChickenTurkeyDuckVenisonGooseSpecialty such as Foie GrasOther

    Please choose all types of fish that you enjoy
    (Your preferences will be highly noted but I will only purchase the freshest available fish)

    Local Seasonal Fish

    Ahi TunaButterfish (cod)Mahi-MahiOnaga (red Snapper)Ono (wahoo)Opah (moonfish)Opakapaka (hawaiian snapper)


    Can Raw fish or Sashimi style dishes be served?

    Do you Enjoy Spicy foods?
    No SpiceMildMediumHotVery HotHurting Hot

    Do you enjoy cheeses?

    How do you prefer your event or meal to be served?

    Family StyleBuffet StylePlated/Restaurant StyleChef’s Choice

    Event Home - Kitchen facility- General Equipment questions

    Please check if applicable:

    Refrigerator space availableFreezer space availableExtra Refrigerator available (e.g., in garage)Microwave Oven
    Stove Type:
    Gas StoveElectric Stove topFlat topCoils
    All Burners working:
    Oven Type:
    Double OvenSingle Oven
    Functioning properly:YesNo

    Additional Notes