A Sample of my Menu And Dish Selections
Menus are Ultimately Designed For You as they are Seasonal, Event Or Palate Driven.

Hors D’Oeuvres
Sample Menu

Baby Potatoes Stuffed With Escargots Topped With Garlic Butter
Blackened Ahi Tuna On Sesame Rice Cracker, Wasabi Aioli & Avocado
Cocktail Crab Cakes With Ginger & Chili Aioli
Avocado, Lime Guacamole Wrapped In Jicama, Micro Cilantro
New Wave Shrimp Cocktail, Coconut Cilantro Chili Dipping Sauce
Soft Truffle Scramble Eggs With Shitake Mushrooms, Parmesan Frico spoon
Scallop Ceviche, Star Anise And Citrus Juice
Roasted Red Pepper, Olives With Feta Spread Bruschetta
Japanese Eggplant Caponata Spoon, Cumin Yogurt, Basil
Fava Bean Hummus Crisp, Parmesan
Smoked Salmon And Ka’u Orange Whipped Crème Fraiche Spoon
Ahi Tuna Tartare, chives and Nori shavings

New Spring and Summer Menu items

Basil Oil Marinated Tuna With Daikon Salad And Meyer Lemon, Bubu Arare
Hawaiian Fruit And Lobster Tail Salad, Black Pepper Vanilla Vinaigrette
Spring Pea Tarragon Soup, Crème Fraiche , Parmesan Anise Tuile
Sweet Kauai Shrimp, Frisée, Tomato Licorice Reduction
Bibb Lettuce, Big Island Enoki Mushrooms, Sous Vide Or Crispy Egg, Parmesan, Red Wine Vinaigrette
Scallop Carpaccio, Seared Foie Gras, Toasted Mac Nut, Extra Virgin Blood Orange Olive Oil
Seared Ahi, Compressed Hawaiian Chili Water Watermelon, Chive Oil, Ponzu, Kahuku Sea Asparagus
Shaved Summer Zucchini Salad, Parmesan Cheese, Pistachio, Lemon Truffle Vinaigrette
Thyme Grilled Maui Cattle Rib Eye, Caramelized Maui Onion, Confit Tomato And Zucchini
Slow Roasted Salmon, Miso Corn Emulsion, Mango and Ho Farm Tomatoes relish, Micro Greens
Summer Fruit Papillote, Cashew Star Anise Cream Pineapple Carpaccio, Thai Basil, Lemongrass Syrup
Deconstructed Passion Fruit Cheesecake, Mango Sauce

Gourmet Dinner Party-
Sample Menu
Passed Hors D’Oeuvres followed
By Multi – Courses Plated Dinner

Cucumber And Yogurt Chilled Soup, Oyster And Caviar
Very French Soft Scramble Egg, Shitake Mushroom, Presented In Egg Calvados
Demi Mango Sorbet And Basil Gelato Napoleon, Meringue Drops, Mango & Pineapple Relish

Romantic Dinner- Sample Menu
2 Hors D’Oeuvres Choices, Followed By a Three Course Plated Dinner;

Yellow And Red Tomato Gazpacho Love Affair
Tenderloin Of Beef, Cauliflower Goat Cheese Mash, Port Ali’i Mushrooms Medley, Arugula Pesto, Cacao Red Wine Jus
Chocolate Mousse Cake, Macadamia Nut Brittle, Passion Fruit Sauce

Birthday or Any Celebrations!, Buffet Style-
Sample Menu
Passed Hors D’Oeuvres followed by Buffet Service

Feta Caprese Salad ,Feta With Big Island Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Macadamia Nut Pesto
Wailuku Green Asparagus, Grilled With Roasted Red Pepper Relish
Thai Crusted Local Catch Of The Day Green Papaya, Cucumber Salad
Porcini Crusted Beef Whole Filet Mignon, Madeira & Red Wine And Shitake Mushroom Sauce
Asian Style Braised Beef Short Ribs, Cole Slaw With Fresh Herbs And Yogurt Lemon Dressing
Truffle Mashed Potatoes With Chives
Grilled Tofu, Asian Slaw, Macadamia nut star anise sauce
International & Domestic Cheese Tray –
A Selection Of Farmhouse And Artisanal Cheeses, Fruits And Nuts Served With Fresh Bread
Sweet Bites ending

Weekly meals Sampler
Weekly, or Bi-weekly service

Mediterranean Marinated Roasted Salmon, Zucchini Noodles With Pesto
Soy And Oregano Chicken Skewers, Peas With Mint Chimichurri, Roasted Potatoes
Lean Lamb Sliders, Hummus & Cucumber Dill Yogurt Sauce,
Shredded Carrot And Raisins Salad, Roasted Broccoli
Split Pea Soup With Ham & Grilled Cheese Sandwich

White Chili With Chicken And Vegetables, Avocado And Tomato Salsa Topping
Israeli Couscous With Mushrooms
Ginger Chicken And Vegetables, Roasted Cauliflower
Black Beans And Quinoa Salad, Shrimp Tacos, Salsa Verde